As we wrap up a record year in 2023, I’m reflecting on what we have accomplished together this year.

I’m overwhelmed by the number of people we have been able to help. Over the past eight years, Jerseys of Hope have helped over 2300 people in 19 states. Hearing the stories of how the simple gesture of giving a patient a jersey has impacted their day, week, and year is super inspiring.

This year, we were honored to have Port Clinton News Herald run an excellent article on us for the second straight year![0]=AT3s_cfo2ErJL5eyTu4xY1xRtVFwj3lQXZubYRI1UwCXp1e9QuaRh__V73EMj27HVFks4vJZ4aN6ZdDA0b6OI4bxJ_FnN0U6G9k9gl8k-kY9XmS47UOQI5qIGke3222VQXxoZBUIfNNqeVT8P85bRR2Jv6hIFoCFDpCZkm2o_5s7HdVBryPAgu7Xfma0iEWxJbHOaB3nVBVC

After eight years, we upgraded our website with the fantastic team of

Jerseys of Hope is just one of many grass-roots non-profits that impact communities in a small way, but together, we all make a huge impact. We had a record amount of jersey drop-off bins placed by some great community businesses, Just Hoops, Westwood Field, and Rally House, to name a few. Please support your community programs and make a difference today.

Best Wishes in the New Year!

John Biemer

Founder & President.